why choose a specialist grief counsellor - because they have so much more indept experience

Why choose a bereavement specialist

Would you go to your GP for cancer treatment – or to the best specialist you can find?

Why choose a specialist counsellor?

You don’t just get better from bereavement in the ways you can alleviate stress or overcome other mental health issues. Thoughts about the bereaved can come back weeks, months or even years later. The slightest or most unconsidered trigger can bring back unhappiness, it could be as simple as crossing the road or a scene in a television programme.

Most mental health issues are quite complex. Some more so than others. Counselling training will cover aspects of many different subjects. A bit like being GP, they understand a small (relatively) amount about a lot of subjects. But if you want real advice would you not go to a specialist? A GP would refer you to a specialist in that subject. Hence I am a specialist counsellor.

Many of my clients are referred by their GP. If the GP can trust me to help their patients, then I feel honoured. It is a reflection that the GP has seen improvement with their patient.

Many theories, many books

There are many different approaches to bereavement and other key subjects. Many different theories. I have studied these for years. I have read many books, attended different training programmes and courses both online and at Universities.

If you come to me, I will treat you as an individual with a fresh problem. I will listen to you. Then I will discuss your needs. To understand you is vitality important and only then consider the best approach for you. It may well include more than one approach and my work with you will be tailored to you for your needs. This is being a specialist counsellor. I am trained in different approaches, but not all will be good for you.

If we come across something else along the way, we can review that too. I also specialise in Depression, Anger Management, Anxiety, Self-esteem (self-worth). 

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