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Your mental health is my priority

Why do I specialise / My commitment to you

I am a specialist private Counsellor . My specialist subject is Bereavement (including Grief and Pet Bereavement). Bereavement often uncovers other issuess such as Depression, Stress, Anxiety and Low Self Esteem. I also specialise in these subjects too.

There are many counsellors who will tell you they can tackle every subject. Perhaps they can, but they cannot be experienced at everything. Jack of all Trades, Master of None as the saying goes.

I limit myself to a few specialist subjects (Bereavement is my main subject, Depression, StressAnxiety, Low Self-Esteem and Anger and believe I have been a master of these. These are subjects I have experienced, either myself or seen them closely at work through being in HR.

If I don’t think I can help you, I will tell you. I do not require a commitment to six-sessions. My objective is to get you feeling better. If it takes less than 6 then that’s great. I do not aim to drag sessions out for many months. That is my commitment to you.

Sally Hunt - grief counsellor at her therapy room

Background and Qualifications

My training has been wide and varied, starting with a certificate in Counselling Skills from the Westminster Pastoral Foundation, which I acquired in June 2002.

After that a Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling from the Counselling & Psychotherapy Award Body (CPCAB).

In addition I have attended many hours of training, not just in grief counselling, and hold a variety of certificates from counselling courses at Oxford University and other professional bodies. Every year I commit to many hours of training to ensure I stay up-to-date.

I am a Member of the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP) and I work within their Ethical Framework.

I am DBS Checked as all good professionals should be.

Why I am a specialist Grief Counsellor

I am a counsellor because of my interest in people. I am motivated to help people have a better life.

As a former HR director from the software industry, I understand the effects of stress and anxiety and what it can do to people. I developed an interest in counselling after my mother died and thought my life was not worth living. My training started 16 years ago and have been providing counselling services for many years.

I was Chair of Cruse Bereavement for West Berkshire for more than 2 years also a Counsellor and a Counselling Supervisor. Since then I have carried out 1000’s of hours of therapy to bereaved clients.

I can’t say I have seen it all, because I haven’t but I do have many years of experience and training that helps me provide counselling services.

I work with young and old, there is no magic formula to the work as emotions may vary from loss and frustration through to anger or total despair.

mother and daughter better times after suffering grief through bereavement or loss
My aim - to get you happier again

About my Counselling Therapy

As a fully qualified BACP registered private counsellor, I can provide you with the right therapy for your needs. I do not chose which approach to use at our first meeting, but after studying our conversation and your needs.

I work within these therapies; Psychoynamic, Person Centred and to a lesser amount Cognitive Behavioural (usually known as CBT) .

Person Centred is a non-judgemental approach where we aim is to provide reassurance and encouragement as the clients “relocate” their thoughts which may be affecting their personal and social relationships.

Psychodynamic looks further back in the life of the clients to bring to light instances that may be affecting them today, and to help rationalise them.

CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) is a counselling approach which focuses on how your thoughts and attitudes affect your feelings and behaviour.

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about me peaceful setting for grief and bereavement counselling

My primary counselling room is in a largish house in the country near Pangbourne. This is a peaceful, safe and tranquil setting.

I also practice at:
Boathouse Surgery, Whitchurch Road, Pangbourne RG8 7DP.

practice room where I am provide grief counselling either in person or by zoom