Pet Bereavement

Pet Bereavement

I have qualified in Pet Bereavement as an addition to my standard skills. As an animal lover for many years I understand what a dog or cat has meant to you. It may be a larger animal or a smaller one – we love them all and confide in them as close friends.

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We form strong bonds with our pets and animals. Whether you live on your own or with your partner they can be a central part to your life. You may feel loss when they are gone and that can be devastating. 

For the single person and elderly a pet is a close member of the family. 

 I am qualified in pet bereavement counselling to help people get over the death of their loved pet.

pet bereavement

Pet Bereavement

The relationship we have with our animals is immense. They provide us with company and comfort, they reduce our stress, can impact our health and moods.

The bond we have with our animal(s) is huge and important to us. We know that we are likely to outlive our pet. Even so, the loss can be deep. It doesn’t have to be a cat or dog, the relationship with a large or small animal can be deep too. If you are single, then you will feel the loss more greatly as there is now no companion to welcome you when you come home.

I have that understanding of what it is like to endure this type of loss. I am qualified in pet bereavement, and can help you come to terms with the impact on your life and loss of a close friend.

Bereavement Feelings


  • feeling helpless
  • crying
  • loneliness
  • depression
  • void in my life

Lets talk about Pet Bereavement Counselling

My pet bereavement counselling is about helping you come to terms with this stage of your life. You will not forget the animal, but I will help you move on from your present position.

I usually see some for a few sessions, sometimes it can be more. I will not abandon you. You may find that life moves ahead and sometime later suddenly something small will trigger a thought about the bereaved. If you want to come back to me then it is fine, I will help you – probably just for one session to get your thoughts straight again.

Call me now. I can help you. As I have said elsewhere, this is my number one subject. See my testimonials.

BACP and Ethical Framework

I hold various diplomas in Counselling, am a member of the BACP and follow the guidelines of their Ethical Framework in my practice.