Counselling Therapy

My counselling services

  • Bereavement counselling
  • Depression and Low Self-esteem counselling
  • Complimentary session
  • Zoom or In-person counselling
  • Sessions and costs

Counselling therapy

Bereavement Counselling

I am a specialist Bereavement and Grief Counsellor.

Bereavement uncovers raw emotions that may impact your daily life. It is not like many other mental health problems such as Anxiety or Depression and is not treated in the same way. 

Depression and Low Self-esteem

Bereavement frequently uncovers underlying problems such as Depression and Low Self-esteem. These can make you struggle in your road to recovery. I also specialise in these subjects and will help you with them.

Complimentary session

Finding a therapist is not easy. Give me a call and we will arrange a 20 minute complimentary session. Understanding that we can work together is important. 

See my blog post how to find a therapist near me/

Zoom or In-person counselling

Most of my work is by Zoom. I live in West Berkshire and if you wish I will welcome you to my private office. I have many clients in Berkshire and many more across the UK and a few in Europe also Thailand, Australia and North America.

 I use Zoom, Google Meet or Skype. Video works well – but you do need to be in a room on your own, without interruption.

You will find me empathetic and warm.

Sessions and costs

All my counselling therapy is in a one-to-one basis – I do not do couples counselling. I do not work with children. I will work with members of the same family – but not at the same time.

All sessions are confidential. Sessions are held in a secure environment.

Most counsellors work to what is called the 50 minute hour. (50 minute sessions). I will give you close to an hour, sometimes we run over. I do not like to finish a session with you in an unhappy state.

My rates are £50 per session.

Many therapists will sign you up for six sessions – that is not my way of working. My aim is to get you better, if it takes 2 or 3 session – then that is great.  Sessions will be weekly at first, then reduce to fortnightly as your life improves. Sometimes it only takes few sessions for you to be “on-your-way” other times clients want to go longer. It is not a problem. My goal is to see your life improve.

Do not be afraid or ashamed of crying. We are working with a raw emotion of the loss of someone very close to you.

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grief coupled with depression or anxiety is not uncommon

workplace bereavement

Workplace bereavement is when a member of a team dies.
It can have a devasting impact on the team. This article looks at the emotions that can occur.
Also, what you as an employer can do about it. Hiring a bereavement specialist for the team members to talk to can be beneficial and quickly bring the team to acceptance and reduce the impact of the death.
The employees can feel grateful and relieved at having someone to express their emotions to.

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To understand more about me and the different therapy approaches I use, see the About Me page

I am a qualified Counsellor. I am registered with the BACP and live by the code-of-practice.