Self Esteem and Redundancy

I no longer provide therapy sessions in this subject – unless it is part or Bereavement Therapy.

If you are a former client and need more help, please call me, I will be available for you.

The reason for including Redundancy on this page is that one of the first personal problems following redundancy is low self-esteem or confidence in oneself. Other triggers of loss (of job) are also loss of relationship (separation, divorce) and more. Any of these could lead to depression or anxiety.

Low Self Esteem

This is about your own personal worth. A person with low self-esteem does not value themselves. I believe it is quite broad, in that these people do not see their own value and do not feel positive about their contribution to life. It usually originates in childhood and consequently if left untreated it will lead to depression and/or anxiety.

Low Self Confidence

This is doubting your own ability to succeed. This can be anything, such as at work or sport or painting a room. This is different from low self-esteem, and is more a process of helping a person regain their confidence.

Symptoms of Low Self Esteem

Not liking yourself
Not feeling good enough
Blaming yourself unnecessarily
Thinking no-one likes you
No being forward with your viewpoint
Feeling inadequate in social situations
(feeling inadequate at work is self-confidence)

Sally Hunt helps raise low self esteem for clients in Pangbourne

Redundancy (loss)

Redundancy and leaving a job unexpectedly can be a painful experience. Over the years I have seen a lot from management, HR and employee viewpoint.
It is a loss (loss of job). Grieving usually occurs.
It may also trigger thoughts of self-esteem and self confidence. Depression and Stress often occur.
Impending redundancy or thoughts about losing ones job trigger the same emptions.
Overall the thought and impact are quite complex. Please call me, I understand the situation well. I can help you with your emotions and coming to terms with your life.
Depression counselling will take the form of sessions where we talk through the problem. I will give you homework, things to think about over the next week. The process is about the two of us working together to help you.