About Stress

Some levels of stress are perfectly normal in a balanced life. However, there is a balance and for many people stress can dominate our daily life and this causes us problems. 

I have been experienced in stress counselling. We will work together to identify what is impacting you – try to help you clear your head in tackling the issues and bring clarity to your life. Coping with stress is important – we will work with that.


Stress Symptoms

Symptoms of stress include:

  • Headaches, tension
  • Short temper
  • Poor sleep / insomnia
  • Drinking or eating or smoking more than usual
  • Loss of sex drive
  • Occasional chest pains or rapid heartbeat
  • Frequent minor illnesses: including colds, flu, upset stomach, diarrhea and more …
stress and anger counselling therapy

Stress from Work

Work related stress can cause burn-out and that would be serious to your health and working future. This is important and needs to be tackled. I have been in HR and in the software industry for many years, I understand stress from work in sales, managerial, technical roles and almost any role in a company consequently can help you.

Maybe you have a good employer who has given you time off to handle your problems. 

Causes of Stress

The most common cause is stress from work.

Other causes include money, family and relationships. It can be caused by exams, travel, bullying (at school, at work, in our social life). 

Over a longer-term it can cause illness. and this is where you need to be aware of its’ impact and take action.

Stress Management

As we go through our process of identifying the causes of stress your stress and finding the trigger points, we will find and discuss methods of managing your stress. Initially how to reduce it and from there, how to prevent it from happening. Often called coping techniques.

Dealing with Stress

Please give me a call, we can talk about your stress and the impact it has on you. We would then set-up an exploratory meeting to start the process of dealing with stress. (coping with stress).