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Coping techniques for Grief

I have been asked for coping techniques for grief. It is not simple. Grief (Bereavement) is a raw emotion.

It is not like having a panic attack when shopping in Marks & Spencer. Grief is your mind recalling someone who meant a lot to you, someone you loved in one way or another.

Having been a bereavement counsellor for many years I have had many people come to me looking for ways to reduce the pain.  It is not simple – coping techniques for grief (bereavement) are really only in the acceptance of the death. There are many different aspects to consider depending upon you (the individual). 

However, there are likely to be specific issues that are causing problem and we will examine these. We can then look at different coping techniques for the particular problems.

I can help you with getting to understand the emotions you have with bereavement. We can work through the stages of grief so you understand what your body and mind is telling you.

The stages of grief will help you, but they may not come sequentially to you. We need to look at them and interpret your situation and thoughts with the grieving process. Then we can find some coping techniques. 

The processes will help you move forward. You will never forget the person, but your life will move forward and the emotion will become less raw.

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