new year blues

by Sally Hunt ... experienced Therapist

Have New Year Blues got you down?

Why Therapy might be your best resolution

New Year’s Eve sparkles with hope and anticipation. We make resolutions to be more fit, happier. But it doesn’t work out like that and we gradually sink into the “New Year Blues.”

This isn’t just post-party exhaustion. It’s a form of depression (dark mornings, dark before we leave work, disappointment in unmet goals of trying to keep up the goals).

Blue Monday

Blue Monday – usually the third Monday in January is said to be the lowest day of the year, when we really feel the New Year Blues.

Solving New Year Blues

Before you let the blues swallow you whole, consider this: seeking help isn’t a sign of weakness, it’s a step towards a brighter year.

Therapy can help you through the New Year blues:

  • Talking to a therapist creates a safe space to dissect your emotions. They can help you identify the triggers behind your blues, whether they are unrealistic expectations or unresolved issues.
  • A goof therapists can reframe negative thoughts and help you see your goals and circumstances in a more positive light. They can also assist in setting realistic achievable resolutions that will help you feel more positive.
  • Therapy will help develop coping techniques. Therapy equips you with tools to manage stress and disappointment. 
  • Identify and overcome Low Self-esteem. Low self-esteem and the idea that you are not good enough creates negative thoughts which at this time of year will not be good. Therapy can help you and create a more positive self.

Small steps are better than major changes

Remember, the New Year is not a major challenge, it is part of a step to improving yourself. Therapy can help you through the rough patches and lead to a more positive future. arrive at a more fulfilling January, and beyond. So, if the New Year Blues are holding you back or Blue Monday brings you down, don’t hesitate to reach out. A helping hand could be just what you need to turn your resolutions into joyful realities.

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