1. Depressed at Christmas?
    12 Dec, 2017
    Depressed at Christmas?
    This is the post contentChristmas is great for people who are happy in their lives. But for those suffering from Bereavement, Anxiety, Depression or Stress it can be challenging to join in the festivities with family and friends.  For anyone considering counselling, I am offering a free counselling assessment. In this we will discuss your overall problems and requirements and help you understand the benefit that counselling can bring ... and to give you confidence that my counselling can help
  2. counselling interview
    22 Aug, 2017
    Counselling Interview
    Do you want to know more about Lets Talk About It? This is an interview published by Cylex in the last few days. It questions me about counselling approaches, how people know when counselling has been a success, the counselling environment and more ....
  3. depressed young man
    03 Aug, 2017
    Depression affects us all
    Depressed - get some help. Depression affects us all. If you are reading this blog, you have been or maybe depressed. If the depressed person is a friend or a family member the impact can be stressful in that you want the person to get better, to get over their depression. But they may be too inward looking to make that next step - however logical it may seem. If it is you that is depressed, consider the step of contacting a counsellor. There are no boundaries to your feelings, you can be young
  4. Talking with Bereaved People
    28 Jul, 2017
    Talking with Bereaved People
    Some years ago, when I was doing yet more training, I read the book Talking with Bereaved People by Dodie Graves. I came across it in my bookcase a few days ago and picked it up again. Being a Bereavement counsellor can be a challenge. When a client can only see the negatives of the bereavement, it is necessary to reflect on the good times. I found that Dodie gave me some good insight then, and I believe I have carried that forward in my professional life. For any counsellor, this is a good
  5. Jayne-Anne Gadhia depression affected her at work - copyright acknowledged
    20 Apr, 2017
    Depression in the workplace
    Jayne-Anne Gadhia, Chief Exec of Virgin Money admitted this week that she had suffered from depression problems in recent years.
  6. Prince Harry talks about his feelings - picture copyright Reuters
    17 Apr, 2017
    It takes time
    Prince Harry takes almost 20 years before he seeks counselling Headline news of today. Prince Harry takes almost 20 years before he seeks counselling over the death of his mother. This is a long time. I have often seen people taking 2 years before they turn for help. Twenty years is a very long time. It probably means they have been bottling up all their emptions inside them, and not disclosing them to anyone. It may well be worse in men, who do not like to admit their emotions or admit
  7. man in despair over job loss
    09 Mar, 2017
    What is the difference between Grief and Bereavement?
    I talk about grief and mourning together and separately. Grieving is a part of Bereavement.  Grieving is not solely related to Bereavement. Grief is a process of reacting to the loss, where loss can be death or it can be related to leaving a job or divorce. Each of these can leave a void in a persons’ life. Reactions to grief include anger, denial, depression, anxiety – and it can lead to illness, loss of sleep, stresses at home with loved ones or at work with colleagues and clients. Bereavement
  8. 26 Feb, 2017
    Bereavement leave: How long?
    Facebook - the challenge of Bereavement Leave As an employer for many years we were often faced with the problems of bereavement leave. From someone very close (parent, sibling), to family (uncles, aunts) and to friends. As an employer in a small business (less than 50 people) then all unplanned absence is a challenge. And of course if we gave one person time off for one specific reason we had to be careful on establishing our reason so we didn't create a precedent.  What we found was more
  9. anxiety at the office
    10 Jan, 2017
    Anxiety at work – the impact
    Anxiety at work is a problem    Anxiety at work is a problem for both the individual and employer.    As many as one in nine employees at work will suffer from an anxiety disorder. If left untreated as the majority are, then the problems will affect both the individual and the employer. Employers need to be aware of the impact of anxiety and what they can do to help. If an employee is suffering from anxiety, then you (the employer) will not be getting the best out of them, which is not good
  10. 14 Dec, 2016
    Losing a Pet is heart wrenching
    I have been involved with a number of pet bereavement situations. I know from personal experience the upset caused from losing a loved friend. In cases where the individual has lost their partner then their dog or cat becomes the centre of their world. The bond between owner and pet is so close. When meeting a client for the first time and hearing about what their pet meant the grief is plain to see and the emotion can heart wrenching. I sometimes feel that I want to take them to the local dogs
  11. 16 Nov, 2016
    Depression in old age a major problem for NHS
    Millions of older people suffer from undiagnosed depression in a silent epidemic that constitutes “our next big public health problem”, one of the country’s leading experts has warned. Almost nine out ten elderly people with depression get no help because doctors struggle to spot the symptoms or confuse it with dementia, James Warner, chairman of the Old Age Faculty at the Royal College of Psychiatrists, said. Older people themselves are often too isolated or “nihilistic” to seek help, even