Counselling in Goring-on-Thames

I visit Goring-on-Thames every couple of weeks. Coupled with Streatley they form a pleasand community.

Although it is best for people to come to my counselling rooms where there is a safe and private and environment, I do sometimes see clients in their own homes provided a safe room can be provided. My counselling premises are 5 miles from Goring

Streatley and Goring are a little different from other South Oxfordshire/West Berkshire towns. Bereavement still occurs, people get depressed for a many reasons. Stress and Anxiety are another major topics. I have helped people from all age groups and all walks of life. See my testimonials .

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Why choose Sally for your counselling needs?
Sally - Counselling in Goring
I have lived in Berkshire and South Oxfordshire for most of my life and believe I have a good understanding of the people and the area.
  • I am empathetic and friendly by nature, and quickly build a good rapport with people
  • I have been an HR manager and director for many years, working closely with people.
  • I understand the stresses and strains of business life, and neeed to keep going
  • I have undertaken formal training and continue to train to expand my knowledge of counselling subjects.
  • I have seen many clients and given thousands of hours of counselling both paid and voluntary
  • I am fully qualified and a Member of the BACP
  • I am flexible in the way I can work with you.
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