Depression affects us all
08, 03, 2017

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  1. Depressed at Christmas?
    12 Dec, 2017
    Depressed at Christmas?
    This is the post contentChristmas is great for people who are happy in their lives. But for those suffering from Bereavement, Anxiety, Depression or Stress it can be challenging to join in the festivities with family and friends.  For anyone considering counselling, I am offering a free counselling assessment. In this we will discuss your overall problems and requirements and help you understand the benefit that counselling can bring ... and to give you confidence that my counselling can help
  2. counselling interview
    22 Aug, 2017
    Counselling Interview
    Do you want to know more about Lets Talk About It? This is an interview published by Cylex in the last few days. It questions me about counselling approaches, how people know when counselling has been a success, the counselling environment and more ....
  3. Talking with Bereaved People
    28 Jul, 2017
    Talking with Bereaved People
    Some years ago, when I was doing yet more training, I read the book Talking with Bereaved People by Dodie Graves. I came across it in my bookcase a few days ago and picked it up again. Being a Bereavement counsellor can be a challenge. When a client can only see the negatives of the bereavement, it is necessary to reflect on the good times. I found that Dodie gave me some good insight then, and I believe I have carried that forward in my professional life. For any counsellor, this is a good