Anxiety and Panic



​​Anxiety affects all of us in one way or another. It can be mild or severe. For those with severe anxiety it can have major impact on our life. Panic and particularly panic attacks are an extreme form of anxiety.
Symptoms of anxiety include uneasiness, panic, inability to stay calm, nausea, poor sleep, being cold or sweaty – especially hands of feet, feeling short of breath, etc.
Maybe we are anxious about travel, or an exam. The impact of the anxiety could mean that we don’t enjoy the holiday – from the lead-up, the getting there and being anxious all the time we are there until we return home. Or for an exam the impact is that we don’t give of our best and so don’t achieve the result we are hoping for. But there are many more examples of anxiety than this. Give me a call, we can talk about your symptoms of anxiety and more. I have been through these issues many times and can help you.  
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Panic and Panic Attacks

Panic is an extreme form of uncontrollable anxiety. It can create a sudden fear, nervousness or dread and result in over-reaction or hysteria.  
Whether it is a single Panic Attack or multiple Panic Attacks, neither are pleasant. These  are severe forms of anxiety.
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